Phone Number

0121 561 3232

Working Hours

8:00 - 17:30

  • Temperature Controlled Logistics

    Fast and Reliable

    Dedicated storage & transport across Europe.

  • Operating Our Own Fleet

    Fast & Safe Transportation

    Cost-Effective Solutions

Safe and Secure Transport

Alwin has 10 artic units, 7 pulling refrigerated articulated trailers and 3 pulling tautliners on general haulage all over the UK 24/7.

An Expanding Fleet

We are now projecting to have a total of 15 units running by the end of 2016 and further expansion planned for 2017.

Award Winners

David Rowlingson, Joint Managing Director of Alwin Ltd attended many Truck Shows over the past 5 years showing off “Highlander” the pride of the Alwin fleet.